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Since 1954, J P Specialties has been manufacturing the Earth Shield® line of waterstops. We provide technical support for a complete range of waterstops and waterstop accessories. Our waterstop products (PVCTPVstainless steel, and strip-applied) have the industry's best physical properties; more importantly, we provide unmatched service and technical support. 

At the engineering level, our technical leaders are officers in multiple ACI committees. We were the first waterstop company to get NSF 61 certification. Our owner has written the leading professional resource book used in the construction industry (The Little Book of Waterstop by David Poole). Our popular AIA-accredited seminar (worth one-hour CEU credit) is presented nationally, internationally, and online to engineering and owner offices with thousands of attendees. 

We also provide contractors with aggressive pricing, extensive inventories, and factory fabrications for standard and custom waterstop fittings. J P Specialties also provides on-site and online waterstop welding schools and certifies attendees for properly welding waterstops. 
The Primary Choice for Secondary Containment™
Contact the Waterstop Experts at 951-763-7077 or [email protected]

Waterstop FAQ

  1. What is a waterstop? — Waterstops are extruded plastic, formed metal, or hydrophilic rubber internal seals that prevent fluid passage through moving and non-moving concrete joints.
  2. What are the selection criteria for waterstops? — Required chemical resistance, application temperature, head pressure resistance, ability to move, and size are important considerations when selecting a waterstop to specify and install. Here is a diagram to help.
  3. How long is a roll of waterstop? — Generally, most waterstops are supplied in 50 linear foot coils. Some waterstops (retrofit and EB Cap profiles) are only ten linear feet straight due to their non-symmetrical geometry.
  4. How do I weld and install a waterstop? — Complete installation and welding guides are here.
  5. Can I use a split waterstop profile? — Split waterstop is acceptable if your concrete joints are in continuous straight lines with no intersections. However, few projects have only straight concrete joints; therefore, split waterstop fails as the “split” can not open up properly and be placed flat against the formwork in a change of direction configuration.
  6. How much head pressure of water can a waterstop resist? — The thicker and wider a waterstop is, the more head foot of water it can withstand. Here is a waterstop head pressure selection matrix.
  7. How can I purchase Earth Shield® waterstop? — Earth Shield® Waterstop is readily available from a variety of sources: Preferred Regional Stocking Partners — We are partners with some of the very best Concrete Accessories Distributors in the world. All our preferred partners have large stocking inventories and are factory trained to provide the utmost in on-site assistance. Distributor Sales — Earth Shield® can be special ordered from many distributor sales channels worldwide. Factory Direct — Earth Shield® may be contacted directly for project quotation and purchase. Call 800-821-3859 to place your order or request information.

Additional Services

  • Project and Product Certification — We assist the Design Engineer and Project Owner with individual project and product certification. When you specify our waterstop, you can be assured it is the correct product for your application.
  • On-site waterstop welding certification class — $500.00 flat fee
  • On-site waterstop installation assistance — $1,000.00 per day
  • Telephone and Web-based assistance — Always FREE — Schedule on our calendar here.
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